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Beer Festivals



Beer / Cider List Fri 28th April – Mon 1st May.  - Featuring Somerset Beers.


Abbey, Bellringer (B). A clean tasting, golden bitter with a refreshingly hoppy finish – 4.2%

Abbey. Crafty Friar (L). A golden ale with a floral finish. Brewed with Amarillo hops – 4.4%

Beat Ales, Raver (L). Pale with a clean and hoppy taste & citrus aromas – 3.8%

Beat Ales, Metal Head (D). A Dark stout with a blend of six different types of malt. It has smooth vanilla and fruity blackcurrant flavours - 4.8%

Cheddar, Bedstraw (L). A “real lager”. Brewed using German Pilsner malt & hopped with Hersbrucker Hallertau hops. Refreshing, clean and smooth – 4.4%

Cheddar, Gorge Best (B). A traditional Best Bitter. Warm malt flavours & a clean bitter finish – 4.0%

Cheddar, Totty Pot (B). A bitter ale. Brewed using Maris Otter, Wheat, Crystal and Roasted malts and hopped with a blend of Challenger, Goldings and East Kent Goldings whole hops – 4.0%

Electric Bear, Drop (B). Deep amber in colour with an off white head. Oranges in abundance on the nose backed up with pine and grapefruit – 4.3%

Electric Bear, Laid Back (L). Low bitterness, soft body and citrusy hops. Oats, wheat and cara blonde malts add gentle sweetness, cascade, chinook and Dr Rudi hops bring breakfast blend, grapefruit, subtle peach and apricot aromas – an unfined beer – 3.3%

Electric Bear, Spilt Milk (D). A milk stout. The use of lactose sugar adds a rich creamy smoothness and a touch of sweetness. Specialty dark malts provide flavours of coffee and a big hit of chocolate – 5.0%

Electric Bear, Werrrd (L). Pale Malt & generously hopped with Centennial, Citra and Mosaic to create a balanced American pale ale – 4.2%

Glastonbury, Hedgemonkey (B). A full-on, well rounded bitter. Malty, rich, and very hoppy – 4.6%

Glastonbury, Thriller Porter (D). Brewed with coffee. Velvety smooth with hints of chocolate – 5.0%

Glastonbury, Voodoo Pale (L). A golden ale – 4.8%

Gyle 59, Pale & Bitter (L). A Pale Ale with a dry bitter finish. Pacific Gem and Centennial hops give a refreshing lemon citrus flavour and aroma – 5.0%

Gyle 59, Take it Easy (B). A Pale Ale with a dry bitter finish. Pacific Gem and Centennial hops give a refreshing lemon citrus flavour and aroma – 2.5%

Milk Street, The Usual (B). A smooth malty, moorish ale – 4.4%

Milk Street, Funky Monkey (B). A traditional English pale ale – 4.0%.

Tapstone, Opium Wars (Black IPA). An unfined dark brown beer. Strong hop aroma and citrus flavours with a lingering finish - 5.6%

Tapstone, Voodoo Juice (B). Stone-fruit aroma and deep orange flavour. Triple dry hopped with the most dank and resinous hops known to mankind (possibly) - 4.8%

Stocklinch, Ramblers Gold (L). Very refreshing light golden beer, with a slight aftertaste of grapefruit – 4.0%

Yeovil, Night Train (D). A dark rich strong porter. 5 roasted malts with copious amount of late hops – 6.0% 

Yeovil. Yolo #6 (L). A blend of 3 hops result in citrus and tropical fruit flavours being present - 4.2%

Yeovil, Spring Forward (B). A bitter with a fresh aroma – 4.5%


Cider/Perry. – Cider.

Burrow Hill. Medium – 6.0%

Buttfords. Med/Dry – 7.8%

Chants, Singing Cider. Med/Sweet – 7.5%

Handmade, Porters Perfection. Med/Dry – 6.0%

Iford. Med/Dry – 5.0%

Mates, Linnet Rhubarb. Sweet – 5.2%

Mays. Med/Sweet – 5.5%

Pure North, Valley Gold. Med – 6.0%

Rutts Lane, Gold. Med/Dry – 6.0%

Tempted. Med/Dry – 5.4%

Olivers. Med – 6.7%



Broome Farm, Alpaca – 6.5%

McCrindles, Blakeney Red – 5.8%

Mates, Red Leg – 5.4%

Newtons, Winnals Longdon – 5.3%

Olivers – 5.5%


Filled rolls, pork pies, hot pies & sausage rolls, etc.






GIN TASTING NOTES with suggested garnishes


Serve with Schweppes or Fever-Tree tonics where you can choose between Premium Tonic, Naturally Light, Elderflower or Mediterranean Lemon. Or try Cawston’s Rhubarb or even Ginger Ale.


The Cheapies.

You can buy these gins for £2.10/single or £3.70/double.

Tonics are £1.60 for Fever-Tree or £1.10 for Schweppes.

GORDONS – 37.5%. The house gin. You all know this one.

GARNISH: Pick any of the tonics plus lemon or lime.

LARIOS GIN – 37.5%. A popular Spanish gin.

GARNISH: Slice of lemon or lime with a sprig of coriander.

PORTHOS SPANISH GIN – 38.0%. A classic gin for a G&T. Botanicals include ginger, coriander & citrus fruits.

GARNISH: Lemon or lime slice with a sprig of coriander.


The Main Event.

The following are all quality gins & can be bought for £3.60/single. The SPECIAL FESTIVAL PRICE is however £10.00 for 3.

Tonics are £1.60 for Fever-Tree or £1.10 for Schweppes.


BATH TUB AMERICAN AGED GIN – 43.3%. Made by a process of cold compounding (infusing) and slightly tinted by its botanicals, which include the juniper, which gives way to cardamom and cinnamon, with a late burst of orange peel. A multi award winning American gin – Bold in flavour & perfume.

GARNISH: Lemon slice & a sprig of rosemary.

CRUXLAND GIN – 43.0%. A South African gin, infused with Kalahari truffles. A pure grape gin, with nine botanicals, including rooibos & heuningbos.

GARNISH: Slice of lemon with a sprig of coriander.

EDINBURGH GIN – 43.0% Distilled with heather, milk thistle & pine. A full juniper hit complemented by the ensuing heathery notes, gives a Scottish twist. Neat, there are a lot of spiced notes coming to the fore, giving the gin a warm feel, yet it retains a smooth feel.

GARNISH: Slice of Orange.

EAST LONDON LIQUOR CO. – LONDON DRY GIN – 40.0%. Made with 100% wheat spirit & infused with a selection of botanicals, including lemon and grapefruit peel, cubeb berries, cardamom, coriander, angelica root & Macedonian juniper berries. Interestingly, hints of olive can be detected.

GARNISH: Lemon slice & coriander leaf.

GABRIEL BOUDIER SAFFRON GIN – 40.0%. From Dijon, France. The saffron gives this gin a delicate spicy character. The addition of coriander, lemon, orange peel, angelica seeds, iris & fennel create a complex taste.

GARNISH: Peach slice.

JAWBOX BELFAST GIN – 43.0%. Jawbox claims to be Ireland’s first single estate gin, with the grain used to make the spirit coming from the Echlinville Estate. 10 botanicals are used, including, juniper, lemon, cubeb, angelica, coriander, cassia & Black Mountain heather. Bold in flavour, the peppery juniper starts it off, followed by fragrant angelica and citrus. Fresh pine with cardamom add a hint of spice.

GARNISH: Lemon slice and a sprig of thyme.

JENSEN'S BERMONDSEY GIN – 43.0%. A Bermondsey gin, which is slightly sweeter and uses less juniper than a London gin. Bermondsey makes a superb Martini, with a rich, tangy flavour and an incredible nose.

GARNISH: Slice of green apple.

JINZU – 41.3%. Jinzu Gin is a Scottish made, Japan inspired gin with an English woman at its heart. Designed by bartender Dee Davies for Diageo’s Show Your Spirit competition in 2013 (which it went on to win), this is an example of East meets West, traditional gin botanicals joining cherry blossom, yuzu and sake for a distinctive gin.

GARNISH: Orange or apple.

KINROSS TROPICAL & EXOTIC GIN – 40.0%. A Spanish, triple distilled fruity gin. Botanicals include bitter orange, mango, grapefruit, passion fruit, pineapple & yuzu.

GARNISH: Just a sprig of mint.

PUERTO de INDIAS STRAWBERRY GIN – 37.5%. Made with Huelva Andalusian strawberries. A very soft, delicate gin with a slight aniseed aroma from the alembic stills where the gin is produced.

GARNISH: Strawberry or raspberry & a stick of cinnamon.

UNGAVA. – 43.1%. Known locally as Polar Bear pee, owing to it’s colour & country of origin. Named after The Ungava Peninsula, north Quebec Province, Canada. Six rare botanicals are included, Nordic juniper, crowberry, Labrador tea, cloudberryArctic Blend, and wild rose hips. (Never eat yellow snow, but drink yellow gin).

GARNISH: Grapefruit or Lemon.

VOORTREKKER GIN – 40.0% This gin comes in an elegant bottle characterized by the big X that represents the flag of the pioneers. The hand-picked oranges give this spirit it’s astonishing orange hue. It has many exotic botanicals including liquorice, ginger, Dutch Juniper, vanilla, lemon peel and coriander seed.

GARNISH: Orange.

WARNER EDWARDS. RHUBARB GIN – 40.0% This gin is flavoured with Queen Victoria’s favourite type of rhubarb, allegedly.

GARNISH: Try it neat or perhaps ginger ale.

WILLIAMS CHASE. SEVILLE ORANGE – 40.0% Seville oranges feature pretty heavily without disguising the other aromas of juniper, earthy roots and a gentle herbaceous quality.

GARNISH: Orange or lemon.

WHITLEY NEILL SMALL BATCH GIN – 43.0%. Inspired by African flavours. Fresh citrus baobab fruit plus cape gooseberries are blended with 7 other botanicals in an antique copper still to create this gin.

GARNISH: A cape gooseberry or a slice of grapefruit.

6 o CLOCK GIN – 43.0% Big hits of orange and lemon citrus and hints of elderflower. The citrus and floral flavours make this gin taste fresh and summery, especially in a gin and tonic.



Sipping Gins.

These tend to be stronger & more. Addition of tonic is not required, but by all means add whatever you wish.  They are priced at £4.00 or £7.50 a double.

GARDEN TIGER – 47.0% This is a local gin, from Cirencester. It’s a top end, small batch (only 200 made), complex gin. The 34 botanicals includes blood orange plus numerous flowers & spices.

GARNISH: Neat or just a slice of lemon or lime.

TARQUINS. THE SEA DOG NAVY STRENGTH – 57.0% The botanicals here include fresh orange, lemon, grapefruit, coriander, violet, juniper, cinnamon, angelica, orris,

cardamom, liquorice and almond. It’s strong – be careful.

GARNISH:  Grapefruit & thyme.




Tasting Notes for Three Crowns Beer/Cider/Rugby Festival Frenzy

24th Feb - 26th Feb 2017

Arbor Ales, Bristol. Blue Sky Thinking (B) - 4.4% - A well balanced tawny best bitter.A

Arbor Ales. Why Kick a Moo Cow (L) - 5.5% - A well hopped N.Z. beast. V.tasty.   #

Ashley Down, Bristol. Z.B. 37 (B) - 6.0% - A new one from Vince. Much like a Fullers ESB .

Battledown, Cheltenham. Original (B) – 4.4% - A medium bodied deep amber beer, with malt and fruit overtones and a balancing bitterness from the hops.

Bespoke, Mitchledean. Money for Old Rope (D) – 4.8% - Rich dark stout with classic rich dry flavours of malt and grain with deep hop bitterness.

Bristol Beer Factory. Nova (L) - 3.8% - A light malty base, with citrussy hoppy notes.

Bristol Beer Factory. Milk Stout (D) - 4.5% - A lovely sweet stout. Smooth chocolate & bitter coffee blend delightfully.

Corinium, Cirencester. Centurion Stout (D) – 4.7% - A light but rich malty stout with toasty chocolate undertones and lightly hopped.

Cotswold Lion, Coberley. Hogget (B) - 3.8% - A slightly untraditional best bitter, with a fruity malty taste.

Cotswold Lion. Golden Fleece (L) - 4.4% - An IPA packed with grapefruit flavours.

Cotswold Spring, Wooton under Edge. Codger (B) - 4.2% - A v.good bitter. Well balanced with a mild hoppy flavour.

Cotswold Spring. Stunner (L) - 4.0% - A crisp, blonde, easy drinking bitter.

Crane, Bristol. Halo (B) - 4.5% - Mostly bottled, this IPA is from a new Bristol brewery.

Dawkins, Bristol. Foresters Black (D) - 6.0% - Lightly smokey, rich and full flavoured oat milk stout.

Force, Cirencester. Yankee Zulu (L) - A golden session ale. Subtle bitterness and honeyed, floral aromas.

Gloucester. Red Pine (B) – 3.6% - American red pale ale, with fresh, resinous taste and aromas of pine and citrus fruit. Vegan.

Gloucester. Kiss my Grist (L) – 2.6% - Light, refreshing table beer, low ABV, with fruity aromas of peach and blueberries. Vegan.

Good Chemistry, Bristol. Becoming North (D) - 6.0% - Brewed with lager yeast and cold fermented. Bags of chocolatey malt flavours. This beer is unfined & vegan.  #

Great Western Brewery, Bristol. Edwins Ruby Porter (D) - 5.2% - A smooth, rich & complex beer. Unfined & suitible for vegans.

Great Western Brewery. Flying Try (L) - 4.2% - Polaris is the main bittering hop in this beer, giving an intense hit of grapefruit and fresh pine.   #

Hals, Dursley. Poker Brown (B) – 4.2% - Dark chestnut winter ale. A red hot poker is used to add additional complex layers of malt flavour.  #

Hillside, Longhope. Legless Cow (B) – 4.2% - This amber best bitter, with a smooth citrus hop finish.

Incredible, Brislington. Amber (B) - 5.1% - A malty ale with a slight orange citrus aroma.

Incredible. Winter Warmer (B) - 4.9% - A warming winter ale with a sweet festive spiciness and fragrant hoppy aroma.

Keep Brewing, Nailsworth. Serenity Pale (L) - 3.8% - A zesty pale ale with hints of dark fruits, crisp and clear till the end.

KIng Street, Bristol. Pasty Git (L) - 4.2% - A hoppy Pale ale that is light and refreshing.

Prescott, Cheltenham. Super 6 IPA (B) - 4.2% - A refreshing session IPA.

Severn Vale. Wooton under Edge. Severn Nations (B) - 4.4% - Ruby Strong Ale.

Severn Sins (D) - 5.2% - A malty stout with spicy hops.

Stroud. OPA (L) - 4.0% - An easy drinking golden, Organic Pale Ale.

TAP. Cirencester. Orange Ale (B) - 4.4% - No tasting notes here. #

TAP. Iris Mild (D) - 3.3% - A dark porter beer. The Iris is a symbol of wisdom, hope, valour and a cherished friendship.

Uley. Old Spot (B) – 5.0% - A distinctive, full-bodied ruby coloured ale with a fruity aroma, a malty, fruity taste, with a light, hoppy bitterness. Uley's flagship ale, which wins lots of prizes! #

Wickwar. Shanakee Stout (D) – 5.0% - Rich, ruby stout, smooth with hints of chocolate.

Wickwar. Try Time (L) – 3.8% - A golden full-bodied ale brewed with three world class hops.

Wiper & True, Bristol. Rye Mild (D) – 4.8% - Gooseberry and peach aromas pair with rich, sweet malts and a note of peppery rye.   #


# = It's now on. Get it before it's gone


Gwynt y Ddraig. Dog Dancer

Handmade. White Label

Handmade. Porters Perfection (Med/Dry) - 6.0%

Iford & Iford Dry

Lilleys. Mango (Sweet)


McCrindles. Blakeney Red (Med) – 6.0


Ty Gwyn

There will be PIES. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Plus Walter Rose pork pies, filled rolls, etc.


TASTING NOTES – 3 CROWNS, 9TH – 11TH DECEMBER 2016.  Updated 10th Dec 15.00.

Arbor. Breakfast Stout (D) - 7.4% Award-winning monster. Waves of coffee and chocolate bombard you with sidenotes of liquorice and bitter red fruit. ON

Branscombe Vale. Festive Frolics (B) - 4.5% A best bitter with caramel flavours & a dry finish. GONE

Branscombe Vale. Yo Ho Ho (D) - 6.0% A strong English ale, small amounts of spice, with a deep caramel flavour and a hint of raisins. Strong & quaffable. NEXT

Chantry. Iron & Steel (B) - 4.0% Chestnut coloured, complex spicy flavours of dark fruits with a clean finish. An easy drinking Yorkshire session bitter. ON

Cheddar Ales. Velvet Bottom (D) 5.0% A chocolate oatmeal stout, along with a generous addition of rich, dark Cacao nibs. ON

Electric Bear N.Z. Pale (L) 4.5% Session pale made with subtle additions of New Zealand hops. Golden orange in colour, unfiltered with a gentle haze. Deliciously easy-drinking, thirst-quenching ale.  NEXT

Chippenham. Pale Ale #17 (L) - 5.1% A new beer from Chippenham’s only micro brewery. No tasting notes. Try & let the brewer have your feedback. GONE

Grey Trees. Diggers Gold (L) - 4.0% An award-winning golden ale. With Marris Otter pale malt, US hops & Welsh water.

Hop Kettle. Horsefair (B) – 4.8% An English hopped special bitter.

Hop Kettle. Lode Star (L) – 4.2% A hoppy Vermont pale ale.  NEXT

Kettlesmith. Plotline (D) – 4.4% A dry stout. An unfined Wiltshire ale. No tasting notes.

Kennet And Avon. Bruce (D) - 4.8% A lovely rich and liquoricey dark porter with an underlying roasted chocolate maltiness and slight coffee aroma. ON

Mash. Amber (B) - 4.3% Dark amber/brown, creamy off-white head, chocolate and citrus aroma, rich sweet chocolate, citrus, fruity, smooth creamy texture, light body, bitter chocolate finish. ON

New Bristol Brewery. Mini Mo (L) – 2.8% A real driver’s beer this. Low in alcohol, but strong in taste. ON

Quantock. Wills Neck (L) - 4.3% A late hopped golden ale with Chinook and Cascade hops giving loads of hop flavour and aroma with hints of roasted malts.  ON

Quantock. Plastered Pheasant (B) – 4.8% A rich dark beer with a fruity aroma. Toffee flavour on the palate. ON

Ramsbury. Rum truffle (B) - 5.6% Smooth and well-balanced, Rum Truffle is chocolatey in colour, and is laced with rum and spices.

Ramsbury. Red Velvet (B) – 4.6% A red winter ale. Use of American hops giving a well-balanced ale. NEXT

Stroud. Schwarzwalder Cherry Stout (D) - 5.0% A rich, stout porter with sour cherries and molasses. Dark roasted malts add a hint of chocolate.  NEXT

Tanners. Box of Frogs (L) - 4.0% An easy drinking, hoppy blond session ale.  ON

Tiny Rebel. Cwtch (B) - 4.6% CAMRA National Beer of the Year 2015. A champion red Welsh ale, using a blend of 6 malts & 3 hops. Cwtch (rhymes with butch) is Welsh for cuddle. ON

Truefit. Saint Hilda’s (D) – 4.5% A spicy, vanilla infused porter.untraditional Welsh red ale - a perfect blend of six caramelly malts and three citrussy American hops.untraditional Welsh red ale - a perfect blend of six caramelly malts and three citrussy American hops.untraditional Welsh red ale - a perfect blend of six caramelly malts and three citrussy American hops.

Wild Weather. Keyboard Warrior (B) - 3.9% An English brown ale. Simcoe hops giving grapefruit, pine and lime notes finishing with a hint of orange zest. NEXT

XT Animal. Ba Humbug (White Stout)– 4.6%No tasting notes, but sounds interesting and seasonal. ON

Yeovil. YOLO 11 (L) - 4.2% Occasional Golden Ale. Mosaic and Citra combine to make this golden beer. Expect bitterness, fruit and citrus GONE


Ciders – Gynt y Ddraig, Happy Daze (4.5%). Handmade, Fire Starter (6.0%). Handmade, Kingston Black S.V. (4.5%). Hecks, Medium (6.0%). Tutts Clump, Jazz (5.6%). Handmade, Snake Oil (7.3%). Ventons, Skippy’s Scumpy (6.5% Dry). Plus a keg Craft Ale, Handmade, Spring Surprise (3.8%).

Perry – Newtons, Winnals Langdon (5.3%). Ty Gwyn, Medium (6.5%). Olivers, Classic (5.5%).

Food – Locally produced sausages from John Iles, Chipenham. Choice of 4 flavours. Walter Rose pork pies. Filled Rolls. On Saturday night there will be home-made BURRITOS. n.b. These are big enough for two - £5.00/each.