24-26 February, 2017 : Beer, Cider, Rugby Festival


Tasting Notes for Three Crowns Beer/Cider/Rugby Festival 24-26 February 2017

Arbor Ales, Bristol. Blue Sky Thinking (B) - 4.4% - A well balanced tawny best bitter.A

Arbor Ales. Why Kick a Moo Cow (L) - 5.5% - A well hopped N.Z. beast. V.tasty.   #

Ashley Down, Bristol. Z.B. 37 (B) - 6.0% - A new one from Vince. Much like a Fullers ESB .

Battledown, Cheltenham. Original (B) – 4.4% - A medium bodied deep amber beer, with malt and fruit overtones and a balancing bitterness from the hops.

Bespoke, Mitchledean. Money for Old Rope (D) – 4.8% - Rich dark stout with classic rich dry flavours of malt and grain with deep hop bitterness.

Bristol Beer Factory. Nova (L) - 3.8% - A light malty base, with citrussy hoppy notes.

Bristol Beer Factory. Milk Stout (D) - 4.5% - A lovely sweet stout. Smooth chocolate & bitter coffee blend delightfully.

Corinium, Cirencester. Centurion Stout (D) – 4.7% - A light but rich malty stout with toasty chocolate undertones and lightly hopped.

Cotswold Lion, Coberley. Hogget (B) - 3.8% - A slightly untraditional best bitter, with a fruity malty taste.

Cotswold Lion. Golden Fleece (L) - 4.4% - An IPA packed with grapefruit flavours.

Cotswold Spring, Wooton under Edge. Codger (B) - 4.2% - A v.good bitter. Well balanced with a mild hoppy flavour.

Cotswold Spring. Stunner (L) - 4.0% - A crisp, blonde, easy drinking bitter.

Crane, Bristol. Halo (B) - 4.5% - Mostly bottled, this IPA is from a new Bristol brewery.

Dawkins, Bristol. Foresters Black (D) - 6.0% - Lightly smokey, rich and full flavoured oat milk stout.

Force, Cirencester. Yankee Zulu (L) - A golden session ale. Subtle bitterness and honeyed, floral aromas.

Gloucester. Red Pine (B) – 3.6% - American red pale ale, with fresh, resinous taste and aromas of pine and citrus fruit. Vegan.

Gloucester. Kiss my Grist (L) – 2.6% - Light, refreshing table beer, low ABV, with fruity aromas of peach and blueberries. Vegan.

Good Chemistry, Bristol. Becoming North (D) - 6.0% - Brewed with lager yeast and cold fermented. Bags of chocolatey malt flavours. This beer is unfined & vegan.  #

Great Western Brewery, Bristol. Edwins Ruby Porter (D) - 5.2% - A smooth, rich & complex beer. Unfined & suitible for vegans.

Great Western Brewery. Flying Try (L) - 4.2% - Polaris is the main bittering hop in this beer, giving an intense hit of grapefruit and fresh pine.   #

Hals, Dursley. Poker Brown (B) – 4.2% - Dark chestnut winter ale. A red hot poker is used to add additional complex layers of malt flavour.  #

Hillside, Longhope. Legless Cow (B) – 4.2% - This amber best bitter, with a smooth citrus hop finish.
Incredible, Brislington. Amber (B) - 5.1% - A malty ale with a slight orange citrus aroma.
Incredible. Winter Warmer (B) - 4.9% - A warming winter ale with a sweet festive spiciness and fragrant hoppy aroma.

Keep Brewing, Nailsworth. Serenity Pale (L) - 3.8% - A zesty pale ale with hints of dark fruits, crisp and clear till the end.

KIng Street, Bristol. Pasty Git (L) - 4.2% - A hoppy Pale ale that is light and refreshing.

Prescott, Cheltenham. Super 6 IPA (B) - 4.2% - A refreshing session IPA.

Severn Vale. Wooton under Edge. Severn Nations (B) - 4.4% - Ruby Strong Ale.

Severn Sins (D) - 5.2% - A malty stout with spicy hops.

Stroud. OPA (L) - 4.0% - An easy drinking golden, Organic Pale Ale.

TAP. Cirencester. Orange Ale (B) - 4.4% - No tasting notes here. #

TAP. Iris Mild (D) - 3.3% - A dark porter beer. The Iris is a symbol of wisdom, hope, valour and a cherished friendship.

Uley. Old Spot (B) – 5.0% - A distinctive, full-bodied ruby coloured ale with a fruity aroma, a malty, fruity taste, with a light, hoppy bitterness. Uley's flagship ale, which wins lots of prizes! #

Wickwar. Shanakee Stout (D) – 5.0% - Rich, ruby stout, smooth with hints of chocolate.

Wickwar. Try Time (L) – 3.8% - A golden full-bodied ale brewed with three world class hops.

Wiper & True, Bristol. Rye Mild (D) – 4.8% - Gooseberry and peach aromas pair with rich, sweet malts and a note of peppery rye.   #