Rum & Pirate Festival. Friday 22nd - Sunday 24th September, 2017

Following the International Talk like a Pirate Day on Tuesday 19th September, we are holding a Rum Festival, on Friday 22nd - Sunday 24th as well as an evening of Talking & Dressing like a Pirate, on Saturday 23rd September.

The RUM LIST.  A 21 Rum Salute.

The Cheapies.  £2.10/single. £3.70/double.

Captain Morgans (Dark) - 40.0%

Captain Morgans Spiced (Spiced) - 35.0%

Bacardi (White). - 37.5%

Havana Club Avejo Special (Light) - 40.0%

Mount Gay (Light) - 40.0% 

Kraken (Dark Spiced) - 40.0%. Named after a mythical sea monster - Arghh !! Shiver me timbers ! 

Canyero Ron Miel Honey - 20.0%. A blend of rum & honey. Best served on the rocks. (No, not a shipwreck, but ice).

Modestly Priced. £2.60/single. £4.70/double.

Pussers Gunpowder Strength (Dark) - 54.5%. Based on the recipe for The Royal Navy's daily tot, which was stopped on 31st July 1970 (Black Tot Day).

Woods Navy Rum (Dark) - 57.0%. Another Royal Navy styled rum, made to an original recipe from 1887.

Pink Pigeon Vanilla Spiced (Light spiced) - 40.0%. A vanilla spiced rum from the island of Mauritius, infused with vanilla grown on the islands of Reunion & Madagascar. Named after a rare bird that is close to extinction. I hope the pigeons aren't drinking the rum.

Goslings Black Seal (Dark) - 40.0%. A Bermudan black rum. Can you get this black rum to blind Pugh - Arghhh!

El Dorado 8 Year (Light) - 40.0%. A medium bodied demerara rum from Guyana. Drink, either straight or in a cocktail.

Elixir de Legendario (Dark) - 34.0%. A Cuban favourite. A blend of rum with raisin extracts.

Appleton Estate Reserve Blend (Light) - 40.0%. A Jamaican mid amber coloured rum.

Duppy Share (Light) - 40.0%. Evidently, dark duppy spirits travel at night between Caribbean islands stealing rum from ageing oak barrels - if you believe that sort of thing. A golden blend of Jamaican & Bajan rums.

Doorlys Old White (White) - 40.0%. From Barbados & good for cocktails. 

Premium Rums. £3.10/single. £5.70/double.

Pyrat XO Reserva (Light) - 40.0%. A rich amber colour & oakey aroma, aged for 15 years in French Limousin & American sweet oak barrels. This rum's emblem is Hoti, the Zen patron saint of fortune tellers & bartenders. That it be.

Bombo Caramel Coconut (Dark) - 40.0%. Tom's favourite rum. Based on an 18th century recipe, combining rum, sugar, spices & coconut..

Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva (Dark) - 40.0%. A multi award winning Venezuelan rum. One of the world's finest dark rums, so they do say.

Ron de Jeremy Reserva (Light) - 40.0%. Ron Jeremy, who makes this rum, is a star of adult movies. This is a hard one to beat, in the rum tasting stakes that is. A blended Panamanian rum. 

Trois Rivieras Rhum Blanco (White) - 50.0%. A strong white rum from Martinique. That's the last one, me hearties. 


Mix your rums with coke, ginger beer, lime, ice, etc., or try these............... 


Limited cocktails will be available, including.

Cuba Libre. - Dark rum, coke, lime & ice. - £3.00

Dark and Stormy - Dark rum, Fentemens ginger beer, lime & ice. - £4.50

Brass Monkey - Dark rum, vodka, orange juice & ice. - £4.50

Mai Tai - Dark rum, Amaretto, orange juice, pineapple juice, grenadine & ice. - £5.00



Malik's Jamaican Patties - Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Vegetable, Saltfish or Cheesey Beef - £2.50 each (Only available on Saturday).